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Our services

In our 500 square meter factory in Sasalı, İzmir, we offer our customers,

Repair of all equipment in the wind power plant and nacelle,

Low and high voltage three-phase synchronous and asynchronous electric motors,

Alternating current electric motors with collector,

Direct current electric motors rotor and pole windings,

We provide collectors of direct current electric motors, bracelets of asynchronous motors with bracelets, spare coils of high voltage electric motors, construction, maintenance, winding and repairs. 

With our technical and administrative staff, each of whom is experienced in their own field, as disassembly-assembly-coiling-mechanical-electrical test and administration services; with our automatic coil winding, unwinding, cooking and cooling devices; With our motor drying oven with hot air circulation rising up to 2000 CO; with our intermediate and final test equipment used at various stages of the work; with our hand tools and cranes for all kinds of electric motors and transformers disassembly, assembly, unloading and loading; As an industrialist in today's technological developments, we continue to make a difference in the sector with all kinds of original insulation materials imported and available in our stocks.  

To detail our service areas:

  • Engine and Generator Service

  • Collector Manufacturing

  • Balancing Service

  • Pitch Motor Windings

  • AC/DC Motor Windings

  • DPMSM - BLDC Motor/Generator Windings

  • Engine/Generator Tests

  • Fault Expertise Report and Interpretation

  • Insulation Resistance Measurement

  • Surge Test

  • Hi-Pot Test

  • Hair Bundle Heat Test

  • Ring and Collector Ovality Measurement

  • Growler Test

All the works we do are under the guarantee of the name of ÇINAR GENERATOR. 

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